• Chinese art and craft workshops
  • For Chinese New Year, multi cultural events, art weeks, festivals
  • In schools, art galleries, museums, community centres
Chinese art and craft


Sample Crafts

Here are a few examples of my Chinese art and craft work.

Chinese hand craft
Chinese writing
Chinese fan
More Samples

I am Lip Lee, a Chinese community artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I have worked all over the North East region for the last fifteen years. I specialise in oriental art and craft workshops. My crafts include kite-making, lanterns, masks, puppets, dragons of all sizes, origami and paper cutting. I also do Chinese brush painting and calligraphy.

Chinese artist Lip Lee

My crafts are particularly popular around Chinese New Year period, when I am busy in schools, community centres, museums, art galleries, libraries and festivals. I also do storytelling: Chinese folktales and legends, such as Zodiac Animals, Kitchen God, and the Dragon Boat Race and the Moon Festival.

My work fits in well with multi cultural, diversity and world weeks in schools and other venues. I often do assemblies for a whole school, talking about Chinese culture and traditions, and doing Tai Chi, a Lion dance and origami demonstrations.

I work in nursery, primary and secondary schools. I have also worked in schools for pupils with special needs. I tailor my craft sessions according to age group and ability.

I also work with community groups, including youth clubs, adult Art groups and after school clubs and holiday schemes. I give talks on Chinese culture and traditions and contemporary China. For example, I recently visited a Women's Institute group, where I gave a talk and ran a craft workshop. Over the years I have held craft workshops at Washington Kite festival, the Mela and the Green Festival in Newcastle.

My work has taken me to Durham, Teesside, Cumbria, Northumberland and North Yorkshire, as well as Sunderland, South Shields and Newcastle. I am available for workshops all year round.

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